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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we making any money out of this?
Many of us personally feel some food insecurity right now, when store shelves are bare. So Phil and I (Tanya) figured what better time than now to open our hearts to those who depend on food banks for their next meal. That’s why we came up with this idea, to connect food insecurity to another indispensable service, medical workers and the amazing job they’re doing for us. All the money that we receive (after expenses such as printing, website, delivery, credit cards) will go directly to the your local food bank in your region. So, no, we’re not going to be making any money on these signs.
Can I get a sign out to a rural community?
Very likely yes! Because of the overwhelming amount of sign orders (thank you supporters), we needed to make logistics more streamlined. Please email us at, and we will discuss each delivery on a case-by-case basis as each delivery is unique throughout rural Alberta (gosh our province is big!)
Why did the price go from $20 to $25?
This was a change we made on the 3rd day of launching. Initially we had a shipping option after the sign purchase to accommodate either a rural or urban delivery, but as addressed in question #2, logistics were getting complex. So we have a flat rate of $25 assuming an urban delivery and will arrange rural delivery on a case-by-case basis.
What will happen with my personal information after?
We have no intention to save any personal information after the sign initiative is complete. We need your contact information to ensure that we can complete the delivery (i.e. if our driver cannot find your home, or if there was a typo in the address online, etc.) Please be reassured that we have absolutely no desire to share this information, most of you are our valued medical colleagues and our friends and we respect your privacy!
How long will I be able to get signs for?
We will continue to sell signs until we run out or until there is no longer a desire. So far, Albertan’s are demonstrating that they love showing support to our medical workers, so we will keep the signs coming!
Is there a political tie to the signs?
Our sign initiative has absolutely no political ties, political funding, or political agenda. We are selling signs across Alberta to spread gratitude to our front-line healthcare workers, to bolster community spirit, and to give charitably to our local Food Banks!

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