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Tanya Schuman

I am 4th year Medical student at the University of Alberta. After graduating this spring I will begin training as a Family Physician. As someone in the medical field, I feel enormous gratitude toward my healthcare colleagues. Medical students were pulled from clinical duties in the hospital because of COVID-19 concerns, as a result, several of us have started initiatives to help out during crisis. We hope that our sign initiative will highlight how much Albertans value self-sacrificing and hard-working frontline healthcare workers.

Philip Schuman

This initiative idea started two weeks ago when my father, who is totally blind, fell and seriously injured himself. My father had such a positive experience in the hospital, but because of Covid-19 precautions, we were unable to thank the staff, doctors, nurses etc with a card and cookies as my family hoped to do. So we began to brainstorm other ways we could thank them while staying true to the new 'social distancing' rules. We hope that this uplifting message of gratitude can be shared through these signs, from yards, balconies, and window…. It was the best way we could think of to rally community spirit while maintaining social distance.

Together, during this time of social isolation, we took on this project as a couple. We just want to say thank-you to our indispensable medical workers and bring some positivity into these otherwise trying times. 

Global News Story

“This idea was started by a small group of local Albertans who just wanted to bring some light in these very dark times right now,” said Tanya Schuman, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Alberta. “I think it will be a great message and a message of gratitude to everyone putting in the hard work.”
Schuman and her husband Philip said limitations with social distancing have made it difficult to show how much health-care workers are appreciated. 

“For us, it really hits home,” said Philip Schuman.
The couple said it has been overwhelmed by the support and didn’t anticipate the demand they’ve seen so far.
The signs are being sold for $20 each, and the group is asking that people also donate shipping costs if possible.
The profits raised by the signs will be donated to local food banks.
The website states Albertans unite in a time of crisis and urged people to show health workers how much they are appreciated.

“In this time when community is more important than ever, show your genuine appreciation for those working hard to keep us safe and healthy.”

The group said all profits raised by the lawn signs will be donated to local food banks.
The initiative was promoted by Edmonton city councillor Jon Dziadyk, who said in a tweet the signs would help Edmonton’s Food Bank.
“It’s been heartwarming,” said Philip Schuman, “It really shows who Albertans are, right? We are strong and we will get through this.”
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